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麻豆果冻传媒 Student Policies

The following is a select list of university policies, regulations and codes that are specific to students. For a list of all AU policies, please visit the University Policies page.


Policy Description

Academic Grade Grievance Policy
Formal process for students to grieve a final grade in an undergraduate or graduate course
Academic Integrity Code
Defines honorable conduct, outlines attendant rights and responsibilities, and describes procedures for handling allegations of academic misconduct
Academic Regulations
Comprehensive guide to academic policies and procedures
Alcohol Service at University Events
Guidelines for alcohol service at University sponsored events
Amplified Sound
Policy applies to all forms of sound increased by electronic means and produced in association with outdoor activities on property supervised by AU
Animals in Campus Buildings
Policy prohibiting animals in campus buildings, with exceptions noted
Campus Violence Prevention
Defines violent and threatening behavior and lays out campus responsibilities
Computer Use and Copyright
Prohibits individuals from accessing or attempting to access any account, file, and/or software for which they do not have specific authorization
Confidentiality of Student Records
Protecting the content of student education records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Discrimination and Non-Title IX Sexual Misconduct
Policy on Discrimination, Discriminatory Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Dating and Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking
Drug Policy
Establishes restrictions on controlled substances, illegal drugs, and illegal drug paraphernalia, as defined under local and/or federal law, in the university community
Electronic Mass Communication Policy
Governs the distribution of electronic communications to large groups of AU users
FERPA Policy
About the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. See "Confidentiality of Student Records"
Freedom of Expression and Dissent Guidelines
Establishes protections for freedom of expression and dissent for all members of the University community - students, faculty, staff, and hosted visitors
Defines and prohibits hazing on and off campus
International Travel Policy
Travel policy applicable to faculty, staff, and students
Good Neighbor Guidelines
Sets standards for good neighbor relations
Lobbying and Political Activities
Restrictions and certification regarding lobbying and political activities
Medical Transports: Alcohol and Other Drugs
Establishes the University's protocol for managing medical transports prompted by students' use of alcohol and other drugs
Missing Student Notification Policy
Establishes notification procedure for missing resident students
Parental Notification of Incidents and Disciplinary Action Involving the Use or Possession of Alcohol or Other Controlled Substance
Establishes the conditions under which the University will notify parents or guardians about student incidents and disciplinary violations involving the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance
Parking Policy
Parking on University property
Participating in Commencement
Guidelines for student participating in AU commencement ceremonies
Petitions to Waive or Refund Tuition and Fees
Applies to students' requests for exceptions to the University's tuition refund policy or waivers of student fees
Posting Materials Policy
Rules for posting advertisements and notices around campus
Purchasing Card
Policy for the use of AU corporate VISA purchase card
Responsible Use of University Website and Content Management System
Expectations to ensure quality, manage risk, and present the University's web content to users in the most effective ways
Scholarly Misconduct
Standard for scholarly, creative, and professional activities at AU
Student Conduct Code
Policy for nonacademic conduct offenses; applies to all students, recognized student organizations, and provisionally recognized student groups
Student Payment Policy
Policy that describes the categories of student payment that support their education and non-education related activities
Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy
Sexual Harassment, Dating and Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Related To Title IX
Tobacco and Smoke Free Policy
Prohibition of tobacco products on campus
Trademark Usage
Policy dictates the appropriate use of AU trademarks and logos
Travel Expense Policy
Sets guidelines under which AU faculty, staff, and students can seek reimbursement for appropriate business related travel expenses
University Facility and Personnel Operating Status
AU operating status during emergencies
Ethical standards and regulations governing academic, clinical, and co-curricular programs
Whistleblower Policy
Encourage and enable good-faith reports by University employees and others of observed or suspected misconduct or noncompliance with law or with University policies and procedures
Zip Car
Policy for the safe access and use of vehicles for official AU business; applies to AU faculty, staff, and students age eighteen and over

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