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Spotlight: Meet Our Student Changemakers

Meet more CAS听Alumni听补苍诲听Students.

Lindsay Mueller

Lindsay MuellerMFA Studio Art 鈥24

鈥淚鈥檓 here to push my artistic practice so I have the energy, self-critique, and discipline to keep growing beyond graduation.鈥

As a child, Lindsay Mueller鈥檚 school art classes were supplemented by weekly classes taught by a neighbor, a local artist. 鈥淏y high school I realized I could take it more seriously,鈥 Mueller says. 鈥淚 applied to some art schools in addition to non-art schools. I wasn鈥檛 sure how viable it was as a career鈥攊t wasn鈥檛 the most practical choice to make where I grew up.鈥澨

Mueller attended Boston University for a dual degree program in psychology and art. 鈥淚 realized I could do both, but I spent most of my time in the school of visual arts and was involved in the community there.鈥 After graduation, Mueller moved to Northern Virginia and became an arts coordinator at a retirement community, teaching classes and curating exhibitions. 鈥淚t was helpful to have a community arts perspective, not just academic art.鈥澨

Since enrolling in the MFA program at AU, Mueller has focused on pushing her artistic practice. Her paintings have expanded to become more sculptural with three-dimensional surfaces. 鈥淚 feel freer to use vibrant colors and to be more inventive in the work,鈥 she says. Working alongside a close-knit cohort of students and professors has also helped Mueller grow as an artist. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e people I can really talk to after graduation. They care about my practice and are interested in what I鈥檓 doing鈥攖hey鈥檝e been generous.鈥澨

Mueller鈥檚 work is drawing attention. Last year, she won the Young Artist Award in the Bethesda Painting Awards, an annual juried art competition honoring accomplished painters in the area. Her work, Slow Collision, was featured in a group exhibition at Gallery B. While focusing on her painting, Mueller has continued to teach as an instructor at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Arlington, and as a TA at AU. 鈥淚 love teaching鈥擨 get to exchange ideas with others,鈥 she says.听听

Alexis Threatt

Alexis ThreattMS, Data Science

"At AU, I met great, enthusiastic, and encouraging professors who genuinely cared about my well-being鈥攁nd students who became some of my closest friends. AU fosters an environment in which I felt comfortable being myself. It challenged me and prepared me for the world."

Alexis Threatt grew up in an urban area surrounded by a series of parks filled with trees. It was her first inspiration for the work she now does on the Global Climate Change Team at the US Forest Service International Programs.听

Alexis first got her foot in the door at the Forest Service while earning her MS in data science at AU. For her capstone, she landed a position as a program manager on the US Forest Service鈥檚 Africa and Middle East Team, managing its Mozambique and Angola Programs. 鈥淏oth countries endure massive fires across the country, and I decided to pursue a comparison analysis of wildfires in two high-priority conserva听tion areas called the Niassa Special Reserve in Mozambique and Mavinga National Park in Angola,鈥 she explains. 听

Alexis is thrilled with her current job. And with her environmental science background and MS in data science, she has lots of choices for her future. She is looking ahead at the possibility of earning a PhD, continuing with her forestry and climate change work, and implementing her data science degree鈥攁nd perhaps even pursuing a career as a foreign service officer or working at the United Nations in an environmental position.听

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