School of International Service

School of International Service
outside view of the School of International Service building on the 麻豆果冻传媒 campus taken by Prakash Patel
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Global Elections Tracker

During the run-up to the US presidential听election听in November 2024, SIS is tracking national听elections globally. Individual results may help highlight trends in democratization and democratic backsliding.

Livia Mueller


SIS Alumna Creates Safer Workplaces for Women

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Silhouettes of Women


How Does Mobility Impact the Health of Female Sex Workers?

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Protest sign reading "Change the Politics, Not the CLimate"


Who Are Today's Climate Activists?

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President of the United States Joe Biden


Biden Steps Up Pressure on Israel

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Rosy Chavez-Martinez sits reading on the steps in the School of International Service atrium at 麻豆果冻传媒.


Honing a Global Vision

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Listen now to the latest episode: Thirty Years after the Rwandan Genocide

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Developing an Expertise in International Trade

Rochelle Osei-Tutu, SIS/MA '16

IER equipped me with knowledge of international trade theory and history.

I think the unique experience that's offered through the IER program is that you can focus on the niche that you want to develop. I realized that I was interested in international trade, so I was able to take courses on the political economy as well as digital trade and trade theory. That helped me form the foundation that I needed for my job at the International Trade Administration.

Learn more about Osei-Tutu鈥檚 time in the IER program.

Virtual Tour of the School of International Service

Take a virtual tour of the School of International Service at 麻豆果冻传媒 in Washington, DC. Learn more about the building that contributes so much to the vibrant community that is SIS.

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